Since its inception in 2002 with its first player tracking system, Ardent Progressive Systems and Games strives to be a leader in developing and distributing innovative slot and promotional games, as well as casino systems. Ardent has achieved this through utilizing cutting edge software solutions, superior player friendly products, and rapid and efficient customer support. Ardent evolved from identifying the inefficiencies that hinder larger corporate gaming entities from responding expediently to customers and the market itself. Ardent is able to respond to client needs as well as gaming industry trends. This has set Ardent up to be a leader in new technology and value oriented products. As Ardent continues to bring innovation to the marketplace, we will expand our customer base outside of Nevada; which is important to our corporate accounts. Ardent has most recently altered how the gaming industry tracks complimentary beverage costs with the pioneering Ardent Complimentary Validation System. This combined with the ability to offer large format HD games and complete Slot Management Systems at price points well below the competition, allows Ardent to re-introduce fair value to the casino gaming industry. In addition to providing innovation to the gaming industry, Ardent will also donate a portion of our proceeds from new products to further Breast Cancer Research. It is our goal to create greater awareness in the gaming industry of the far reaching effects of Breast Cancer.